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Tsuya Tsuya BB Cream

Item Code: Item #218

Tsuya Tsuya BB Cream

* Promotion: 10% OFF! inclusive of free shipping for a limited time only (brush not included for promo) *

A foundation trend that hails from Korea, BB cream is no longer a stranger to us. :) And for good reason, too! Short for "blemish balm" cream, the BB cream serves as an all-in-one cream for daily wear, with coverage as well, providing a more natural coverage than your usual foundation.

What differs the Tsuya Tsuya BB cream is that besides its usual Anti-Aging, UV Protection (SPF 30) and moisturizing functions, the Tsuya Tsuya BB cream also has Deep Sea Minerals and Vitamin C, with long-term brightening effects as well! Also known to be extremely helpful for dry skin, acne and sensitive skin.
It also comes in two shades - Light & Fair, and Medium & Tan. Perfect for our diverse skin tones, as most BB cream brands only come in one tone, and even though BB cream is made to "blend" into your skin color, may still sometimes turn out unsuitable for tanner skin.

Unlike foundation, the BB cream does not clog your skin :) in fact, it moisturizes your skin while providing sun protection. And we all know how important it is to have adequate protection from the harmful UV rays!

We tested it on our models, and here are the results. :)


After: (Tsuya Tsuya BB cream, light blusher and some eyeliner)

Price: RM 79 | AUD 27 | USD 25 RM71! (after 10% rebate)
INCLUSIVE OF - BB Cream x1, free shipping **

Available in two shades: Light & Fair and Medium & Tan - unsure of which shade would suit your skin tone? - Email us! Would be great if you may include a picture of yourself that shows your skin tone. :)

Orders: Holler us at phatculture@gmail.com!

Manufactured in: Korea

** Terms and Conditions apply.

Author's note: Tsuya Tsuya is an established brand from Singapore, particularly well-known for their Angel Eyes mascara, which some of you may already have heard of. :) I have personally used 3 well-known BB cream brands prior to this, and I must say that this one is overall the best I've used, in terms of coverage and the long-term effects on my skin. I've been using it for almost 6 months by now. :)

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