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Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes Mascara Set

Item Code: Item #217

Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes Mascara Set

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Bloggers have written about it, videos in youtube featuring it, friends raved about it, and chances are, you may have bumped into one of their counters at some point or other ...
the hype on the Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes mascara has been around for some time - and it is still on.

What differs the mascara from your usual ones (yes, even similar fibre ones) is that the Tsuya Tsuya mascara is manufactured in Korea and the Fibres in America. The Pro-vitamin B in the mascara will serve long-term lengthening effects, and the fibre will not harm your eyelashes, but instead, nurture them. The white fibre is for lengthening, while the black is for volume. The fibres and mascara are 100% natural.

The more "layers" of fibre you apply, the longer and more luscious your lashes will turn out. :) If you prefer a more simple look, just a layer will do!

Read our step-by-step guide for directions on how to use the mascara + fibres, and also for more information!


Tsuya Tsuya Black Fibre (Volumizing) - RM 79.90 | AUD 27 | USD 25
Tsuya Tsuya White Fibre (Lengthening) - RM 79.90 | AUD 27 | USD 25
Tsuya Tsuya Mascara - RM 60 | AUD 20.50 | USD 19

Special Promotion: Buy whole set at RM199 (AUD 67, USD 62) and receive a 50% voucher from PhatCulture.com*

Orders: Email us at phatculture@gmail.com!

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