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Tsuya Tsuya Magic Nail Buff

Item Code: Item #216

Tsuya Tsuya Magic Nail Buff

** Free Shipping for a limited time only **

I'm sure some of you guys would know the drill for this one - these nifty nail buffers are colored on one side and white on the other ... buff your nails with the colored side and then buff 'em again on the white side, and you'll notice your nails will not only be visibly cleaner and shinier, it'll also have a visible coat of shine to it!

Perfect for girls who don't want the hassle of manicures and painted nails, and the coat of shine also serves as a good base for those who do paint their nails. :)

Price: RM 20 | AUD 7 | USD 6 *special introductory price!*
INCLUSIVE of - Tsuya Tsuya Magic Nail Buff x3 pieces

Orders: Email us at phatculture@gmail.com! :)

Manufactured in: Korea


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