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Antoinette - Antique Brass Locket Watch

Item #268 - Antoinette Antique Brass Locket Watch


Price: RM 37 | AUD 13 | USD 12

Measurements: Length - 16 inches / 41 cm, Diameter - 1.8 inches / 4.5 cm

Color: Brass

Status: SOLD OUT!

Orders and Reservations: Email us at phatculture@gmail.com! :)

Additional Info: Absolutely t'aime at first first sigh! Chic, intriguing and timeless - we adore the Eiffel Tower design oh-so-immaculately engraved on this antique timepiece. :) Exclusively imported, not restockable, and batteries are included upon purchase!

More Pictures: (Click to Enlarge)